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Re: stability in KDE3 and Gnome2

Bruce Park wrote:

> Exactly how stable is KDE3 and Gnome2? It seems to me that Gnome2 still is 
> having a lot of problems but I'm really not sure about KDE3.

Gnome 2 has been mostly behaving quite nicely. There was a nasty problem
recently with a new version of bonobo-activation that just plain didn't
work, but that's been rolled back in Sid to a functional version. I
gather some people still have trouble with upgrading Gnome 1 -> 2, but
it worked fine for me.

The only experience I have with KDE 3 (or any other KDE) is a Knoppix
bootable CD that I took with me on a trip last week so I could have a
Linux environment to use on my friend's Windows machine. Knoppix is
based on Debian, and presumably uses the KDE packages from kde.org.
Based on this experience, I'd say KDE 3 on Debian works nicely.


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