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RE: How to have many Win98 users & 1 Linux

Robert Ian Smit wrote:
> Putty looks to the uneducated user like a DOS-box. If you need
> graphical programs, I can't help you other than to say it's
> possible. Have a look at the HOWTOs wrt to X Window System and
> remote applications. For this to work, you will need to spend a
> reasonable amount of time and effort to configure the Windows
> systems.

I have found the quickest way to get X on a windows box is to install
cygwin with the appropriate support for X.
Cygwin website: http://www.cygwin.com/
The Cygwin install is quite simple.
Some tips:
1.) Because you are installing this to many windows machines, I would
recommend that you choose on your first install to download the components
from the internet.  This will allow you to save these files to a network
location (possibly your new Debian GNU/Linux box running samba!) and in
future windows installations you can tell the installer to install from a
local directory.  This will save on time and bandwidth.

2.) When selecting packages, you will be interested in a very base install
on the client (in this case the Windows machines).  You will want to install
some X components here.  Like I said, you will want to keep this
installation very basic.  Most of your work (if I understand your question
correctly) will be done by students on a windows machine connected to the
Debian box.  Try to install a minimal set of tools on the client side so
that they do their work on the linux box and not on the Cygwin client.

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