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As a new debian developer/user, I am having some problems with X-win.
The Solaris 8 drivers install & display correctly but
my unix skills are a little old & memory fading.
I did not execute mknod.

I am trying to install x-win for woody on a Sun Ultra 5 with sunffb video.
tasksel allows sunffb selection but not configuration.
dselect did not show sunffb.
Executing XFreeConfig did not show the drivers.
XFree86  4.1.0, 4.2.0 & 4.2.1 'Xinstall.sh -check' returns
"No Linux binaries available for this architecture...sparc64..."
Forcing Xinstall.sh causes extract, extract.exe & extract.save to fail
And be appended as .bad
During boot 
xdm reports
(EE) no devices found
fatal server error
no screen found
after blinking two times & displaying character mode,
I suspect I forgot something
But I do not know what.
My apologies if this is already documented.

I am targeting this for a home controller gateway.
Initially I wish to configure the rs-232c port to HVAC system
And later specializing in devices for elder in-home care.

Thank you,
408-884-2401 fax

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