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Re: cannot use left alt key for @ etc in x

vasco figueiredo wrote:
vasco figueiredo wrote:

hi there

after installing debian it worked fine but after upgrading some package(s) (don't no which) it stopped working

in console(tty1-6) everything works fine but not in gnome-terminal mozilla etc

in gnome-terminal both alt keys do the same

this a pt keyboard deadkeys work fine

thanx for any help

maybe more info is better
this is woody stable with some packages not so stable
and it's the right Alt Gr key that is the problem
i've tried changing /etc/inputrc (changing existing line to on and off) but with no effect, i've also tried to change /etc/X11/XF86Config "RightAlt" option) also no effect

in fact neither of this ftwo files were changed since first putting the x working (with gdm)

thanx again for any help

after installing xbase-clients and uncomenting the line
# option "RightAlt"  "ModeShift"
in /etc/X11/XF86Config
a can use @£§½¾{[]}\ fine

shouldn't all xfree packages be upgraded by when you upgrade xfree86?

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