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Re: dselect trying to remove newer stuff in favor of older stuff


* Tim Verry <tverry@telocity.com> [021128 12:13]:
> I've also noticed dozens of posts to this list with "apt-get ..." and almost 
> none that mention dselect, what's up with that?

Cause we all love apt-get, and only use dselect if we really have
to... I haven't used it in about 2 years. However if you prefer that
style of package management front end have a look at aptitude or

> If I do an "apt-get upgrade" would that be roughly the same as just accepting 
> dselect's "suggestions" or whatever they are?  How does apt-get resolve all 
> this mess while dselect seems to get confused?

...thats all part of the apt-get magic ;-)

> If I do an "apt-get upgrade" how I can I copy all the text into a file for 
> later perusal?  If I > then it doesn't work as I can't answer the prompts.

Install apt-listchanges, it doesn't do exactly what you want, but
after an upgrade it will email you a list of all the upgraded
packages, and relevant log entries.

As, they say, apt-get into it.


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