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Re: Lilio 01 01 01

Moin Robert!
Robert Epprecht schrieb am Sunday, den 24. November 2002:

> I wanted to make a test installing Lilo on a floppy first.
> But all I get is a screen full of '01 01 01'.
> I have found on the net that many people had this problem
> when trying to boot a partition on the second IDE controller
> from Lilo.  The recommandation is to plug the hd to the first
> controller, which is not an option here.  But there must be
> another solution, I'm sure...

So is this the case on your system? Did you override the default disk
order (hda first, hdb second etc.) in your BIOS? Ie. forcing HDC as boot

> I have experimented with commenting out and in lba32, compact, and
> install=/boot/boot.b.  It does not make a difference.
> Lilo does *not* prompt and wait for user input but fills the screen
> with '01 01 01' and then hangs...

Dude, look few lines above in lilo.conf, the bios<->disk mapping.

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