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Re: ide-scsi and initrd

    "David" == David P James <David> writes:

    David> Herbert Xu was roused into action on 2002-11-23 16:11 and
    David> wrote:
    >> David P James <dpjames@rogers.com> wrote:

    David> > pre-install ide-scsi modprobe ide-cd
    David> The thing I don't understand is the ordering in the last
    David> line, yet every example I've ever seen online is like
    David> this. I'm tempted to flip it one day just to see what
    David> happens.

I'm guessing it won't make any difference. See below. Besides, you did
the Right Thing (tm).

    >> When ide-cd gets loaded, you should see the message

    >> ide-cd: ignoring drive hdb

    >> If you don't, then ide-scsi is not going to work.

    David> I do see it, but it's too late... it's coming after hdb is
    David> already identified. The CDRW should be identified
    David> immediately after scsi1 as a device on scsi1, should it
    David> not? That's how my SCSI HD is identified on scsi0 and my
    David> scanner when it is attached and on for scsi2.

I'm new to initrd and a lot of other things, and Herbert can probably
tell right away what is going on. Having said that, I do have
a suggestion, and then a few questions for more knowledgeable folks:

Have you looked in the etc/modules.conf file inside your initrd image
(/boot/initrd.img-2.4.18-k7)?  Does it have the changes from the
'cdrw' file you created? (BTW, if you don't already know, you look at
the file with 'mount -t cramfs -o loop initrd.img /mnt).

I am guessing (I can't tell from you dmesg snippet, but I'm confident
since there was no 'change_root' from cramfs in the snippet) that all
the stuff you described is actually happening *before* your root disk
partition is mounted. So ide-cd is being loaded during the initrd
phase, and the etc/modules file in that image does not have the
'ignore' lines and so on, so ide-cd grabbed the device. Why it did
that (if I'm on the right track) I don't know, and I'm hoping to be

Somehow, my initrd image *does* include my cdrw file changes. The
modules.conf file in the image is exactly the same as in /etc. In
addition, I noticed the the kernel-image package does not include the
initrd image. So it is being created after installation. It is also
seemingly being updated when I'm running update-modules (?). I have
not been able to figure out how all this magic happened just yet. I'm
hoping some one can tell me where to RTFM (Herbert?).


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