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Re: Consquences of changing hostname

This one time, at band camp, Robert Ian Smit said:
> I am used to leaving "Enter domainname" blank when I install Debian. 
> So all my systems are called something like box1 or box2.
> I want to add to this name so it becomes box1.foo.domain.
> I have searched through /etc and i have found a couple of files that
> reflect the hostname of the machine.
> Can I update these files to the new name? I am most worried about the
> exim and ssh(d) configuration? Exim for obvious reasons, and ssh for
> fear of being locked out of remote systems (I use key pair
> authentication and don't want to get on a bus to reset public keys.)
> If I had entered a domain-name at setup time, would foo.domain just
> be appended to the entry in /etc/hosts or would other configuration
> have taken place? I compare to an OpenBSD box that is already setup
> correctley wrt name+domain. That system uses an entry in /etc/hosts
> and has the file /etc/myname. (It's apples and oranges, I know)
> I want to be able to use short names as well. Is it possible to do
> this with entries in /etc/hosts like:
> box1.foo.domain box1
> If so, would all regular network applications parse the entire entry
> to find both names? (expressed from users point of view)
> I could give it a shot, but I'd rather await tips and mentions from
> this list. 
> Bob

I just went through this, and you have it right.  Put entries in that
format in /etc/hosts, and /etc/hostname will just have the short name
(box1, box2, etc)

Entering the hostname at install time just puts the name in
/etc/hostname, ao AFAIK, you still have to append the domain in

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