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Re: Scrollbar oddities

On Thu, 2002-11-21 at 20:46, Pigeon wrote:
> An update:
> I thought maybe there was an incompatibility between X 4.2 and these
> older apps, so I downloaded chimera. Oh lovely! A browser whose binary
> is less than a meg. Compiled straightaway without having to hack
> anything. Seems to have the necessary features and none of the crap.
> Cool!
> But the scrollbars are REALLY weird. To scroll down, I have to click
> the LEFT button ANYWHERE in the scrollbar - above or below the slider,
> it still goes down. To scroll UP, I have to use the RIGHT button.
> Again, either above or below the slider, it still goes up. I can't
> seem to drag the slider, and the SCROLL WHEELS STILL DON'T WORK...
> Am I to assume that scrollbar behaviour under X is always totally
> weird and changes violently between apps? And that scroll wheel
> support is app-dependent and probably not there?
> Am I gonna have to hack X to make it send scroll button events to the
> scroll bars of the active window to make scroll wheels work in all
> apps? I'm quite happy to, but I need to know if this weirdness I'm
> experiencing is due to a bug or config error, or if scrollbars in X
> are always up the spout. But surely it should be sending scroll wheel
> events to the scroll bars anyway... I don't think it's my added
> protocol support, because the Intellimouse protocol doesn't work
> either, but both of them let me use the vertical scroll wheel in an
> xterm.
> Gonna try some of the fluxbox WMs and see if that helps...
> Pigeon

I take it you haven't used many non-Gnome, non-KDE applications. The
scroll bars are actually working in the more traditional X11 way for the
scroll bars to work. It can be disconcerting at first, but it is
actually very powerful, because how far down the scroll bar you are when
you click, the greater intensity the scroll movement. Mind you, it is a
problem when you are running Linux on a Mac ;)
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