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Re: ldap re-creating database

On Mon, Nov 18, 2002 at 07:40:30PM -0800, nate wrote:
| mdevin said:
| > Another thing:  I just noticed that everytime I send and email now, the
| > log screen for slapd spews heaps of stuff.  I guess postfix is already
| > communicating with it for some reason, although I am not sure what. There
| > are is far too much info flying off the screen for me to figure out what
| > is happening.
| its probably not postfix directly, but rather the NSS libraries,
| postfix searches the system via NSS(or indirectly I'm not sure how
| the process exactly works), which transparently calls the LDAP
| module/library which queries ldap automatically.

libc has functions in it (eg gethostbyname()) to provide an
application with the necessary info.  glibc's implementation uses the
Name Service Switch (NSS) design to allow the sys admin to switch name
services without the need to recompile applications or libc.

One of the ways this is done is through the use of loadable modules
and through PAM.  Look through /etc/nsswitch.conf for references to
ldap.  For example on a system using only traditional file-based
databases (eg /etc/passwd, /etc/hosts) and also DNS for host names
nsswitch.conf would look like this :

    passwd:         files
    group:          files
    shadow:         files
    hosts:          files dns
    networks:       files

If ldap is to be used (but only if no entry exists in the system
files) the nsswitch.conf would look like this :

    passwd:         files ldap
    group:          files ldap
    shadow:         files ldap
    hosts:          files ldap dns
    networks:       files ldap


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