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Re: psaux.o not compiled as a module?!

On Sun, 17 Nov 2002 11:04:54 -0800, Bob Nielsen wrote:

>> all of a sudden I've got a strange problem. I'm trying to compile 2.4.20-
>> with XFS, where psaux should be compiled as a module:
>> However the psaux.o module is not created?! This NEVER used to be a 
>Perhaps mousedev.o is what you are looking for.  This is what  2.4.19
>uses for a ps/2 mouse driver.

This file simply isn't there. The only "char" files I have are "serial.o" and 
"softdog.o." Apart from these modules there's only block, cdrom, ide, net, 
pnp, and sound modules.

All this is happening under VMware (altho I don't think it matters.)

The strange thing is that my gpm and also X mouse suddenly are working again, 
after I rebooted. In /proc/devices it says "char devices: 10 misc," but this 
is probably due to softdog watchdog support that I included in the kernel. 
There isn't a module loaded with a name that suggests it supports mice. :-(

Remember that I configured mouse support NOT to be compiled into the kernel, 
but to be compiled as a module. Also, I'm not exactly a newbie so it's 
definitely not a user error.

The only explanation I've got is that the driver WAS included into the kernel 
altho I instructed it to be compiled into a module. That would be a problem 
with the kernel source (configure logic.)

To verify this I manually changed the two statements above to read:


I will have a go at it, and should this turn out to be the problem I will 
report that here.

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