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[OT] Clearing a BIOS password

Anyone remember how to clear a password on a BIOS? I've got a box from a
client that has stopped booting from CD, and this client is ready to
move to dual-booting but this is his main desktop box and it needs some
cuffing around the BIOS. The password was put on by the vendor of the
box, who then went broke three months later. I need to get Windows
working (certain key files were clobbered by yet another virus -
including explorer.exe - likely others, but I'm finding them
one-at-a-time) to at least extract some key data before re-partitioning,
and currently, for some strange reason, Windows can't see the cd-rom at
all (while 2DiskXWin does, so I know that the hardware is okay - only M$
is $crewed ;)

Yeah, it's all complicated - simply put, I need to clear the BIOS
password, and I've forgotten the normal trick (other than removing the
battery and disconnecting the power supply, and hoping the CMOS is
static RAM rather than EEPROM - which one guy I know used a number of
years back for his garage-built line of boxes.)
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