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Intel Pro/100 S Dual Port NIC and Linux


Is there anyone out there who is currently and successfully using the Intel Pro/100 S Dual Port Server Adapter (NIC) with Linux. I've been trying to get it working first under Kernel 2.4.19, then Kernel 2.4.18 (thinking that 2.4.19 was too new and therefore not supported by the driver on Intel's website). I haven't been able to get the whole card working successfully.

Sometimes I get eth0 working and pinging out to the outside world, but then it crashes - so bad that it halts the system and I have to do a cold boot.

If anyone has had any luck with this adapter, any help would be appreciated.

Also, anyone has any luck with the 3Com Dual Port Adapters? Never used them myself, but if they work any better under Linux than the Intel cards, I would be inclined to consider.

Many thanks,


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