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Re: Redoing the rescue floppy...

* Darryl L. Pierce (mcpierce@telocity.com) [021118 11:53]:
> On 2002.11.17 18:29 Vineet Kumar wrote:
> >* Darryl L. Pierce (mcpierce@telocity.com) [021117 15:16]:
> >> I want to upgrade my boot floppy to support 2.4.19 kernel and Ext3.
> >Can
> >> someone point me to a HOWTO for doing so?
> >
> >I think mkboot will do exactly what you're looking for.  Try the
> >manpage
> >first, make a boot disk, and test it to see if it's all you need.  I
> >don't know of a good resource on boot/rescue disk creation offhand.
> By default, what's format does Debian use when creating a rescue disk? 
> I can't mount my boot floppy in order to run mkboot. :(

AFAIK, mkboot creates an ext2 filesystem on the floppy directly.  You
don't need to (in fact, shouldn't, maybe even can't) have it mounted in
order to run mkboot.  After running mkboot, you should be able to mount
it as ext2.

good times,

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