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Re: Status of XFS

I don't know what's the status, but I'm working on it for 2 years now
(including all my client's production servers) and I never had a problem
with it.
my woody is now installed from the xfs installation cd which uses that
kernel patch.

On Mon, 2002-11-18 at 03:14, Bill Moseley wrote:
> Anyone up on the status of the xfs file system?
> I use xfs file system on my laptop and one desktop.  I see the package
> kernel-patch-xfs is just for up to 2.4.18.  Is there still work on this
> file system?  I remember seeing some debate about xfs going into 2.5.x.
> Can I expect this to be more supported in the future?  Any reason no to
> format with it?
> Thanks,
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> Bill Moseley
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