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Re: [OT] CD-R Requirements (or Giving Back To Windows Users)

On Sunday 17 November 2002 02:29 pm, Bill Moseley wrote:

Hi Bill

The full answer is "it depends" - chipset behaviour, NIC behaviour, all those 
sorts of things.

A rough back-of-the-envelope answer is:

- You can NAT fine through a P75 (or less) with 16MB.

- You can burn CDs fine with a P90 with 64MB (though maybe not at 8x).

So it should be OK to do both with a P3-450 with 256MB.

- Derek

> This is a rather non-specific question:
> Will CD writing quality be effected if the machine is doing other tasks?
> Of course the answer is "it depends", but here's what I'm considering:
> A few of my Debian machines are old MS Windows hand-me-downs.  I've been
> offered another (they just bought a new machine because the old one was
> crashing in Windows all the time).  But, this time I want to give it back
> with Debian installed.
> They are not ready for Linux on the desktop, but said that they would be
> willing to have a linux machine they could use for burning CDs.
> I, on the other hand, would rather give them a NAT (masq) and firewall
> machine and let them put their XP machine on the protected internal LAN
> for all the obvious reasons.  I'd rather do that than add a second NIC to
> the XP machine.  Linux is good for this, and frankly, I think this might be
> a good way to get Linux into the homes of Windows users that would not
> consider Linux otherwise.
> Anyway, the machine in question is only a few years old -- A PIII 450Mhz w/
> 256MB.  The CD-R installed in that machine is a SCSI drive (8x burn speed).
> Now, they don't want the NAT machine because of the worry that if the
> machine is doing other things (like fetching mail) that it will effect the
> quality of CD writing.
> So my simple question is:  See any reason this machine can't be both a
> NAT/firewall/fetchmail machine and burn CDs without errors?  My guess that
> would not be a problem, especially since the drive is SCSI.
> They also have a new 48x (sure beats 8x) CD-R IDE on order.  I wonder how
> that will work, also.
> I'm not looking for any hard answers.  But I don't want to waste my time
> building the NAT/firewall if all we end up with is a machine that sits
> there ready to burn CDs.  I guess am looking for people that have a similar
> setup -- that will help convince my friend that this is a good way to set
> up the machine.
> Thanks,

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