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Re: gnome session unusable after sid update!

John M Flinchbaugh wrote:

> has anyone else run into a problem with the gnome session login?  with
> gdm or startx, it gets stuck at the gnome splash screen.  it shows no
> icons for loading programs like usual.
> logging in with no configs doesn't help either.

This has already been discussed on this list and debian-devel, as well
as the Debian bug tracking system (see gnome-session,
bonobo-activation). The new bonobo update is screwed. Downgrade all
bonobo packages to the previous versions and you'll be fine.

Here is a list of the packages you should have:

bonobo-activation           1.0.3-2.2
libbonobo-activation4       1.0.3-2.2
libbonobo2-0                2.0.0-1
libbonobo2-common           2.0.0-1
libbonoboui2-0              2.0.3-1
libbonoboui2-common         2.0.3-1

And also these, if you need to have development packages installed (only
if you compile Gnome2 programs from source):

libbonobo-activation-dev    1.0.3-2.2
libbonobo2-dev              2.0.0-1
libbonoboui2-dev            2.0.3-1

If you either have a sensible approach to running Sid (which would also
involve reading debian-user more carefully) or are just lucky, then
you'll have copies of these packages locally, probably in
/var/cache/apt/archives. If not, you can download them here:


I'm assuming the mirrors don't have them anymore, since they're no longer
current, and Gnome2 hasn't made it into testing, last time I checked.


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