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Re: vi as a text editor

On Sat, Nov 16, 2002 at 12:18:11PM +0530, Sandip P Deshmukh wrote:
> hello all
> i have recently started using vi and i like it for its simplicity -
> 'clean-ness'. somethings are missing though.
> one is managing words towards end of line. as i type, towards the end
> of the line, it juts cuts the word. it neither hyphanates nor pushes
> it to the next line.  is there way i could make vi do this?

I believe this one's already been answered.

> moreover, can i have macros? doing the same repetitive thing? i will
> also like to bind them to key strokes.

Yes.  In command mode type:

:map <key-sequence> <command>

To type control characters, just hit Control-V before typing them.  The
above will create a macro to be used while in command mode.  To make a
macro that works in insert mode just use :map! instead

:map! longhash 60i#o

The above creates a macro that prints 60 "#" characters when you type
the word 'longhash'.  The  is Control-v,Esc to simulate going into
command mode.  The only drawback to insert macros is a slight delay
whenever you type the first character of the macro.  To just type the
word, just wait a second or two after typing the 'l'.

> moreover, i have spell, ispell and aspell installed. is there a way i
> can use them while in vi?

If the file has been saved, just run

:!ispell %

I think there is a way to spell check an unsaved file, but I can't
recall it at the moment.


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