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Re: Is my Xserver useing too much memory?

On Sat, Nov 09, 2002 at 09:53:34AM -0800, Steve Cooper wrote:
> start up and shutdown some of the software you run.  If the usage in
> XFree86 goes up, but doesn't come back down when you run and stop a
> particular program, be suspicious, particularly if it's a graphics
> program.

Ahh, thanks.

With libc6 and openmosixanalyzer I had a problem with it and Xfree86
competing for memory.  I've switched back to libc6 2.2.5 to see if it
happens again.  Xfree86 was up to 150MB, but didn't get any bigger.

On one system that I had a while ago, Xfree86 would easily get up to 400MB
and more.  You just had to wait long enough.  Unfortunately that system is
in pieces right now.

Thanks for the tip.


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