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Re: Looking for a backup to CD-R(W) program

On Thu, 14 Nov 2002 15:32, Joe Nahmias wrote:
> Hello list,
> 	I am looking for recommendations for software to backup my
> debian (sarge) machine to my cd burner.  As this is my home machine, I
> don't think I need the client-server functionality of amanda or some of
> the other backup packages... I'm just looking for something that can do
> full and incremental backups of selected filesystems to CD in a quick
> and simple manner.

I have 4 shell scripts that might do what you want.
 	backup_full, backup_incr, bu2cdr, and bu2floppy

The backup-full script dumps my postgresql databases, my crontab,
and creates a list of all installed packages into my home directory. It then 
tars /etc and my home directory and bzip2s the whole thing.

If the image is greater than 640 megs it splits as required (has not happened 

The incremental backup does the same thing but only for files modified since 
the last backup. It splits the tarball into floppy sized pieces

The bu* scripts burn the cdr or copy to floppy as required. You have to run 
these manually.

The worst that happened with the floppies was 13 needed, usually 2 to 4.

The backups run from cron jobs, weekly for full, and incremental for the 
other 6 days.

The only reason I'm using floppies is that I do not yet grok multi session 
cdrecording. ( help appreciated thanks ).

Being shell scripts they are easily changeable to backup the dirs you require.

I'll mail the scripts to you if you want.


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