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RE: XFree86

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To satisfy you? Mmhmm.

I simply gave him a lesson in life, if you're going to ask for something, be specific.  That, he will use for the rest of his life.  If you don't be specific, then you're going to have a lot of "extra" explaining to do.  If you want your answer fast, then you better make sure people understand the question clearly, if not it results in 1000 more posts to this already high traffic list, as king wtf are you talking about?

Why would I bottom post? I find it quite nice to be able to read what is said at the top.  Sorry - scrolling through 10000 messages a day is not my idea of fun.  Was it not easier to read my reply like this?  Wrap my lines...  I think this is a personal problem, configure your mail client to wrap lines.  If you have such a big problem with it, and you cannot choose to wrap lines, find a new email client, or it's tuff titty for you, isn't it?

Vince Hillier

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|> Not only do you not tell us what you want to configure directly, you
|short form "subject".  Did that extra second to type the three extra keys
|If you're going to be anal, then don't top post, don't use Stupid
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