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Re: woody to testing

mtsouk@freemail.gr writes:
> I am considering of moving to testing as well.
> I want to ask a few questions before doing this:
> 1. What are the major benefits of testing?

You get software that's substantially closer to the "bleeding edge",
and is newer than the last stable Debian release.  In theory this
includes a consistent set of software out of unstable that's been
there at least a week and a half and doesn't have serious problems.

> 2. What are the major problems of testing?

It doesn't have a separate security update system as stable does, and
security updates in unstable take time to trickle into testing.
Sometimes a severely broken package makes it from unstable into
testing.  I think the actual infrastructure that generates testing is
pretty solid by now, though it's had some issues in the past.

> 3. Can I go back to woody after moving to testing?

Not easily.  Package downgrades aren't well supported.  A couple of
people have tried to go back with varying degrees of success; search
the debian-user archives for their stories.

> 4. Which version of KDE does testing have?

The search engine on http://packages.debian.org/ seems to think that
stable, testing, and unstable all have KDE 2.2.

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	-- Abra Mitchell

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