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corrupt root fs

Ack . . 

Well, I recently upgraded the kernel my woody box from
2.2.20-compact to 2.4.16-686-smp.  It went fine,
except I had to run modconf to enable the loading of
the 5c59x module.  Not big whoop to you gurus, but a
first for me . ..

But today the system went Gack(1) - it had a SCSI
error on the console and everything was locked, so I
had to hard-boot, and when it came back up . . . . 

I get timeouts from the Adaptec's SCSI adapters BIOS
routine where it polls it's devices.

Then it appears to boot until I get:

cramfs: wrong magic
attempt to access beyond end of device
08:01: rw=0, wnat=2, limit=1
EXT3-fs: unable to read superblock
attempt to access beyond end of device
08:01: rw=0, wnat=2, limit=1
EXT2-fs: unable to read superblock
Kernel Panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 08:01

No, I don't have backups(2), but there's only one
partition that has any data I need, and I don't think
it's on the bad disk.  The / and /boot partitions are
on one disk, and /home is on another.  /home I need.

So I don't mind rebuilding from scratch if I have to. 
Apt-get install is fun  

But is there a way (rescue floppy (I have a set) or
the CD) to mount and fsck the / and /boot partitions? 
I could also use a look at /etc/fstab just to refresh
my memory (there were 8 partitions on that disk) of
what went where.



(1) - yes, it actually did say Gack.  Out loud.  No,
it wasn't my imagination . . . . I don't konw how. 
Yes I know a cpu doesn't have a mouth . . . . 

(2) I know - shame on me for not backing up, but I'm
unemployed, and I didn't have anything handy to
install, and someone gave me 6 DAT drives of
questionable status, and I had only tested 3, and none
worked . . . . . . . . I was being cheap, and now I
will pay with my time

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