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Re: POSIX shell

Stephen Gran <steve@lobefin.net> [2002-11-10 19:41:08 -0500]:
> This one time, at band camp, Bruce Park said:
> > What exactly is a POSIX shell?

> It is a shell that complies with the Portable Operating System Interface
> - basically, system calls, expected behaviors and that sort of thing.
> Makes it easier for programmers to write cross-platform programs.
> Grossly oversimplified, but google could give you quite a bit more, if
> you're interested in looking around.

Yes.  You might want to poke around here.  (v3 is out but I don't know
of an online version of it.)  This is the standard to which a standard
conforming shell must comply.  Or it is a bug and you can chastise them
publicly for it.  :-0



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