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Mutt 1.4.0 and pgp_create_traditional

Hi folks,

there's an issue with Mutt 1.4.0 (in sarge) that I fail to get resolved,
maybe someone on this list can help. I am writing to this list instead of
mutt-user because, judging by the sources in the source package, it
_should_ work, but apparently doesn't.

I am using Debian woody with a couple of packages from sarge mixed in,
in particular mutt 1.4 and gnupg 1.2. The documentation says that, in
order to create mails that are compatible with "old-style" signing and
encrypting of mails, one should set pgp_create_traditional to "yes". In
addition, the ChangeLog in the source package has the following entry:

Tue Mar 26 22:25:48 2002  Thomas Roessler  <roessler@does-not-exist.org>
OK, I'm giving up:
pgp_create_traditional now creates text/plain;

This should result in messages not appearing as an attachment, but as
inline text in the recipient's MUA, like back in the PGP 2.x days.
(I know, we should all use PGP/MIME, but unfortunately, most of the
world hasn't caught on to this yet ...)

The problem is, though, that the Debian version of mutt 1.4.0 in sarge
_still_ creates application/pgp, not text/plain, and thus the encrypted
and/or signed mail appears as an attachment (yuck!).

Is there any way around this? Or is this simply a bug in the Debian
package? I couldn't find anything concerning this issue in the

If anyone could shed some light on this or provide a pointer, I'd really
appreciate it.


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