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Re: cups gets page sizes wrong

David Purton said:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to get cups to print using the correct pages sizes.

> These values (in points I assume) match exactly what the printer
> manual suggests, but fail completely to be what cups is using as per the
> above imageable area data.
> How can I make cups use the data in the ppd file rather than data from its
> (colourful) imagination?

can you login to the cups admin interface at http://localhost:631 and
check the settings there? What are you using to print? I have noticed
that staroffice at least defaults to A4. Perhaps openoffice does too.

I've used Cups on laserjet 4000s and my epson inkjet and have never had
a sizing problem(it has always used what it's told)

for my printer I get:
         Media Size: [Letter___________________]


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