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eth0 is not found after recompile of 2.4.19 kernel

// Please reply to all ...

Hello  people and experts :-)

Some issues while trying to get an it-is-all-on the motherboard solution
to work with linux. The board in question is an Abit AT7 MAX (not a
MAX2) wich uses the KT333 chipset together with some Realtek-chips to
make an all-in solution. The Realtek-NiC is a typical RTL8139C chip(set)
wich works great, contrary to what i expected. And a
ALC650-soundchip(set) wich is not working at all (yet) though i found a
linux driver on the realtek website.

My first issue is that after recompiling the latest 2.4.19-kernel the
NiC does work but i cannot obtain a DHCP lease anymore, despite all my
efforts with ifconfig, dhclient, ifup, ifdown ... it's imposible to get
a DHCP lease. Any suggestions here ?

Second, the ALC650, pretty nice chip but it's not supported-from-scratch
in any linux kernel yet. I'm currently attempting to get the
realtek-supported driver to work but this isn't running all to smoothly.
Any suggestions, hints, support would be welcome.

I'm especially anxious to get the network/NiC issue out of the way since
this is a really big issue when you're facing information-age-hysteria
like i do ... And thus are in need for daily internet-walkabouts.

Finally, i'd like to ask if someone has a fully compiled kernel for the
Abit AT7 Max motherboard that runs out of the box. The makefile to build
a kernel with your specs would come in handy as well :-)



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