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Re: lynx, ncurses, gpm

Colin Watson wrote:
> >   $ nm /usr/lib/libgpm.so
> >   nm: /usr/lib/libgpm.so: no symbols
> Try 'nm -D' (or --dynamic).

OK, I found that the original gpm did have wgetch mentioned in it (with a U
for undefined), and recompiling using ./configure --without-curses gets rid
of this.  However, even after rebuilding ncurses with this new version, and
rebuilding lynx with the resulting ncurses, it still behaves exactly the
same as before - that is

ncurses-5.2 and ncurses-5.3 have the mouse-waiting-till-keypress bug after an fg

ncurses-5.2.20020112a (and a-7) have the same bug, but it occurs at all
  times (no suspend required)

using gpm without the SA_RESTART flag added still causes an exit after a

(Oh, and all of these symptoms are also visible using the knight demo in 
ncurses' test/ directory, so it's not a lynx problem.)

However, this is probably irrelevant to debian right now, as I've just
noticed http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=110586 hasn't made
any progress in over a year, and until there is some kind of official
support for gpm+ncurses, I'll just have to use my own, hand-hacked packages.


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