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Re: 2 3com905b network cards - not recognized


On Thu, 7 Nov 2002, Mikael Jirari wrote:

> Hi,
> I have two 3com 905b in my box, but only one is recognized.
> I compiled the drivers into the kernel since i'm not using modules at all.
Which driver have you compiled in? These cards use the 3c59x driver.

> What can I do so the two network cards to be recognized ?
> I read somewhere that disabling the Pnp option could resolve the problem but
> is there a way to fix the problem without doing that ?
3c905b are PCI cards, so they are not PnP (at least, there is no option to
disable that). This was nescessary for the 3c509 cards).

> I think the system is assigning the same irq to the network cards (really
> not sure about what i'm saying)
If you are really talking about the 905 PCI and NOT the 509 ISA cards,
this should not be a problem.

> Also, how can i do the irq setup manually ?
If you really think this is the probnlem, do some standard PCI IRQ stuff.
First try with 1 card, switch cards in PCI slots and/r do some magic in
the BIOS.


 > Thanx

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