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Upgrading, getting the package

Hi --

I generally use dselect, not understanding the apt-* system (not for want of trying, but the documentation is completely opaque to me. Sorry, there seems to be a density barrier there as of right now. Maybe in a year I'll understand it...)

Anyhow: I was having problems with KDE2.2.2; on the KDE listserver, asked about it, and was told "we basically don't support KDE2.2.2 anymore. Upgrade to 3.04". So with that in mind, I uninstalled KDE 2.2.2, and upgraded my system from Woody to Sid (so far, so good). But then I went to install KDE again, and didn't see a version of KDE past 2.2.2

 No problem:  I decided just to go to KDE.ORG and download the debs.


There are a ton of debs there, I have Mozilla with a 5-link download max, and a high-speed 120kbaud ISP that actually does between 300baud and 24kbaud, depending on the day and hour.

So I'd *really* like to go back and find some way to be able to simply "dselect" KDE 3.04. Not to mention, I'll be able to better see what the packages are, avoid conflicts, and such.

Anyone know how to do this? I suspect it has something to do with sources, but to be able to set my sources on my own, I have to know (1) how to find out what is out there, (2) how to set my sources to that without destroying my old sources (and creating problems for other installed packages) (3) how to link that with dselect, should that be a problem.

 - Michael

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