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Elementary Woody Firewall with DSL.

I have two NIC's in a Pentium 100 mHZ with 32MB ram and a 100 meg swap 
partition on a 1GB hard drive. 

After basic Woody install, with nothing extra at first.
I upgrade the Kernel to a stock 2.4.??
Is there was a way to install a 2.4 kernel right from the c.d.?
Then I do this bit about the run { "modconf" Then choose 
http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2002/debian-user-200207/msg03379.html }
After that
This is my firewall script that I recycled
I did change one bit
EXTERNAL_IF=ppp0 is now EXTERNAL_IF=eth0
With this done I can Start and stop or restart the firewall, ping the Debian 
GNU/Linux Woody box from the Woody DSL firewall, and ping back the 
other way. I can ping the net from the firewall, but not from inside. 

Am I missing something important?

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