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Re: tftpboot.img

* Aaron David Vose <avose@cs.utk.edu> [05-11-2002 02:49]:
> I have a sun4c (Sparc Station 1) and would like to install
> debian over a network.
> I set up a rarp server, and a tftp server.
> These fucntion correctly.
> My problem is that the boot image provided by debian
> (tftpboot.img) is too large for my sun to handle.
> The file is around 3M which is absolutly absurd.
> I need somthing that's around 64k.

I managed to install Debian on a Sparc Station 4 using the procedure
you describe. Maybe you are facing a limitation of the older
hardware you're using, in which case I can't help you.

I know that it took some trial and error to get the correct boot
image from /tftp to the Sparc. I have tried NetBSD and OpenBSD as
well so I know these systems boot in two stages. 

So unless there is a difference between booting a ss1 vs ss4, you
should investigate more.

It's been a while since I installed the Sun, and my rarp and tftp
server were running on a previous incarnation of Debian so I can't
be more specific. If you mention some of the details, maybe I can
dig something up from memory.


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