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Re: gnome2 + enlightenment

At 10:56 PM 11/4/2002 -0500, Travis Crump wrote:
iain d broadfoot wrote:
is there any way to make enlightenment block off part of the screen for the gnome-panel?
yeah, i know i should be using a different combo, but i like e.

Just out of curiosity, does enlightenment otherwise work with Gnome 2? Is this a major irritant or something fairly minor(I don't quite understand what you mean)? Do multiple desktops work properly(each is allowed to have its own background and Alt+F[1-4] switches them)? Any other major issues? I have been reticent to upgrade to Gnome 2 since I have seen things to suggest that enlightenment never intends support Gnome 2 since e17 is supposed to be a desktop environment so I was curious as to your experience.

*If* I happen to run gnome-session with Enlightenment, I set Gnome to one desktop (virtual, multiple, whatever) and tell E to create virtual/multiple desktops. That works fine for me.

I haven't tried Gnome2 yet...


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