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Re: Installing debian via network

03.11.2002 17:16:13, "Donald R. Spoon" <dspoon@astcomm.net> wrote:
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>The "fastest" way, IMHO, is to use the Debian CDs on the SuSE computer 
>and do a "clean' install.  This will over-write your current SuSE install.
>If you have some files on your SuSE box that you might want to preserve, 
>you might want to look at section 3.7 in the Debian "Installation 
>Manual" (http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/install for the i386 
>arch.) since this section was written specifically for your situation. 
>I have not tried that procedure here, so YMMV...
>I personally like the "network install".  It is just about as fast or 
>faster if you have a broadband connection and also if you include the 
>time to d/l the CD iso images and burn them into the comparison.  Since 
>you might already have the Debian CDs, then using them would be faster 
>since the data transfer speeds on a moderatly well-configured modern 
>computer is faster than the network can supply.  Also, you don't have to 
>worry about bad downloads.  Again, depending on your setup, YMMV.  Doing 
>a network install for the SuSE box would require you to set up your 
>current Debian box as a "gateway" to the Internet I suspect... plus grab 
>the "rescue" and "root" boot-floppies you want for your SuSE computer.
>Others have given you some other options to look at, but I am not 
>familiar with them, so I can't comment.  The above comments are just 
>pointing out some other options you might not be aware of...

Thanx, Don, for the pointer.

As I'm not in a hurry with converting, I'll thoroughly browse the reference
you've given.

>Cheers & Good Luck!
>-Don Spoon-

Cheers, Michael

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