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Re: Installing debian via network

Michael Naumann wrote:
03.11.2002 04:29:40, Rob Weir <rweir@softhome.net> wrote:
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On Thu, Oct 31, 2002 at 11:10:58AM +0100, Michael Naumann wrote:

Now I have a second Box, currently running SuSe.
This box is connected via ethernet to the woody box.
What I want to do is to install debian on this box.
I don't mind if I loose everything currently on this box.

My question:
What would be the preferred (and fastest) way to make
use of the woody box, the currently running os and
the running network to get the system switched to debian?

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The "fastest" way, IMHO, is to use the Debian CDs on the SuSE computer and do a "clean' install. This will over-write your current SuSE install.

If you have some files on your SuSE box that you might want to preserve, you might want to look at section 3.7 in the Debian "Installation Manual" (http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/install for the i386 arch.) since this section was written specifically for your situation. I have not tried that procedure here, so YMMV...

I personally like the "network install". It is just about as fast or faster if you have a broadband connection and also if you include the time to d/l the CD iso images and burn them into the comparison. Since you might already have the Debian CDs, then using them would be faster since the data transfer speeds on a moderatly well-configured modern computer is faster than the network can supply. Also, you don't have to worry about bad downloads. Again, depending on your setup, YMMV. Doing a network install for the SuSE box would require you to set up your current Debian box as a "gateway" to the Internet I suspect... plus grab the "rescue" and "root" boot-floppies you want for your SuSE computer.

Others have given you some other options to look at, but I am not familiar with them, so I can't comment. The above comments are just pointing out some other options you might not be aware of...

Cheers & Good Luck!
-Don Spoon-

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