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Problem with USB audio with Woody

Hi -

I'm having a heck of a time trying to get USB audio working on my system.  I
have an HP Netserver LP1000r.  It's a rack-mount server so it doesn't have
any sound cards but I do have a Xitel hifi-link USB adapter plugged
in.  I have successfully gotten this adapter to work on this machine in the
past with other flavors of Linux (RH 7, SuSE 8) but I didn't like those
distributions for various reasons and so now I have installed Debian Woody.

Whenever I try to play something using XMMS or splay, I get an error saying
that it "Cannot open /dev/dsp or /dev/sound/dsp!".  The /dev/dsp device is
there and I added myself to the audio group to make sure I had permissions.
I checked in modconf and verified that the following modules were loaded:


I looked in dmesg and see the following:

usb.c registered new driver audio
audio.c: v1.0.0:USB Audio Class driver

and I also noticed, above this message that the USB device seems to be

hub.c: USB new device connect on bus1/2, assigned device number 2

I don't see any error messages related to USB or audio.  What am I missing?
What's the magic incantation required to convince this box that there is a
USB audio device sitting out there?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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