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Re: 2 questions: ethernet card s82595fx ; bunch of background sounds

Thanks Stephen for your help, just another question: how do you control the volume output level (system wide, and/or user wide)?

Stephen Gran wrote:

This one time, at band camp, Antonio Rodriguez said:
ethernet card  s82595fx: What is the module for this?  bunch of
background sounds: I had to disable gnome audio events to avoid a
bunch of  repeating sounds that didn't seem to stop. Even that didn't
help. What could be wrong? Thanks. Using sb module, sound card is ess

thanks to all

I can't help you with the network card without more information -
manufacturer, etc.  Maybe google can help you there.  As for the second
problem, I have the same problem with a CS4232 card.  I have to rmmod
and then modprobe it to get it resolve.  Because it happens so frequently
(something to do with the mixer init.d script, followed by starting
gnome-session, although I haven't tracked it down), I made an init.d
script that runs after the mixer one, that just rmmod's and then
modprobe's - all is well.


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