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Re: How to repair Mozilla settings?

Michael D. Crawford wrote:
I had mozilla open while I was running a kernel compile in my home directory, and my /home filesystem filled up. This seems to have screwed up my mozilla settings files. When I start mozilla, it's lost all my preferences and when I create a new message, I'm prompted to create an account.

I can reset most of my settings but I don't want to lose my record of sent mail. Is there some way I can repair this damage?

I'm using Mozilla 1.0 on a PowerMac 8500 running woody and kernel 2.4.18.


Without knowing details, the easiest solution is probably to just make a new profile['mozilla --ProfileManager' see man mozilla]. When you are setting up your new mail settings, go into Mail & Newsgroups account settings and select Local Folders and set Local Directory to '~/.mozilla/<oldprofile>/*/Mail/Local Folders/', expanding the ~ and * and making <oldprofile> appropriate, but don't escape the space in Local Folders. You may need to restart mozilla at this point, but then your old sent mail should be accessible with your new profile. Worst come to worse, you can access your old Sent mail with mail/mutt since it is stored as a plain mbox file.

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