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Re: Converting router from W2K to Debian

On Fri, Nov 01, 2002 at 05:12:21PM -0600, Alex Malinovich wrote:
> I finally took the plunge. After over a year of suffering through having
> my NAT router/DNS server/DHCP server/web server not work, hardly work,
> cause problems for everything, etc, with Windows 2000 Advanced Server.
> I've decided to take the plunge and switch it over to Debian.
> Unfortunately, I'm running into some problems. Here's my current list of
> things to do:
> 1) Get NAT working. I know that this will most likely be a combination of
> iptables and ipmasq. Unfortunately, the HOWTO's that I've found so far
> haven't been very helpful. As far as I can figure, they only talk about

Did you read mine below.

> mapping specific IP's. i.e. Any time a connection for IP comes in,
> forward it out through the gateway. Well, what about IP, etc.
> Having a seperate entry for every site I want to visit sounds rather
> ludicrous. :)

install "ipmasq" package and enable kernel modules.

> 2) Get DNS set up. I used to have two zones. theloveshack.local for my
> internal DNS, and the-love-shack.net for my external DNS. I'd like to
> consolidate these into one. However, since my NS is the registered NS for
> my domain, I don't want all of these Class... C? (192.168.0.*, I can never
> remember which one's which) IPs showing up in there. Is there a way around
> this without creating two completely different zones?

I am not clear on what you want ... Good luck.
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