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cmpci audio skipping


I have a crystal media based sound card (hercules gamesurround muse xl, using 
the CMI8738 chip) which uses the cmpci driver.

I have noticed that the audio sometimes "skips", by that I mean it jumps ahead 
by skipping over a second or two of audio.  I does this about 2 or 3 times in 
a given 5 minutes song.

Currently the problem occurs and is reproducable when using xmms, playing 
mp3's mounted over an nfs share.

I have not yet ruled out the possibility that the problem is specific to xmms 
or to nfs mounted mp3's (I am in the process of eliminating these 
possibilities).  But I thought I would shoot a mail out to the list in the 
mean time and see if anyone else is experiencing this.

here is the lhd entry:
(their database seemed to be down last time I checked).

-jason pepas

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