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Re: How to format and partitionate a disk?


  thanks for your help.

> > What do I need to do to get the drive formated and to install a
> > journaled file system? 
> Use a boot kernel that supports the file system you're after.  The bf2.4
> kernel supports ext3.
Ok, but I don't intend to format a second drive during the installation
process, because it is the backup of the data I want to use.
I was looking for the something like: 
	format /dev/hda6 and use reiserfs 

Btw. Reiser is not supported in bf2.4?!

> > What journaled file systems are mature enough to be used? reiserfs?
> That's somewhat like asking a thousand people which is the best flavor of
> ice cream.  You're bound to get several votes for each one.  In the end it
> comes down to your opinion.
Well, I am just looking for some journaled file system to be used on a
single processor machine. I would go for the file system which is the
easiest to install and wouldn't punish me with beeing extraordinary


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