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Re: How to format and partitionate a disk?

On 31 Oct 2002 23:25:48 +0100 Mariano Kamp <mkamp@gmx.de> wrote:

>   did I get it right that there is no tool available at installation
> time to partitionate a hard drive?

No, you can partition and create a file system on the new partitions
during the installation process.  IIRC, the option is labeled "Partition
Hard Disk" or something very similar.

> What do I need to do to get the drive formated and to install a
> journaled file system? 

Use a boot kernel that supports the file system you're after.  The bf2.4
kernel supports ext3.

> What journaled file systems are mature enough to be used? reiserfs?

That's somewhat like asking a thousand people which is the best flavor of
ice cream.  You're bound to get several votes for each one.  In the end it
comes down to your opinion.

Jamin W. Collins

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