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compiling freeradius

 Hello All,

 I'm trying to compile freeradius from the cvs source.
It has debian/rules file. I'm trying to package it, but it 
fails on this step:

[lex.lexa]$ fakeroot debian/rules binary
make install prefix=/ exec_prefix=/usr mandir=/usr/share/man libdir=/usr/lib/freeradius R=/home/lex/lex/src/radius/radiusd/debian/radiusd-freeradius
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/lex/lex/src/radius/radiusd'


# man pages & docs
install -g root -m 644 CREDITS /home/lex/lex/src/radius/radiusd/debian/radiusd-freeradius//usr/share/doc/radiusd-freeradius/credits
dh_installdocs `find doc -type f -maxdepth 1 ! -path doc/ChangeLog`
parsechangelog/debian: error: badly formatted heading line, at changelog line 1
dh_installdocs: changelog parse failure
make: *** [binary-arch] Error 1

[lex.lexa]$ head doc/ChangeLog 
FreeRADIUS 0.8 ; $Date: 2002/10/18 21:24:15 $, urgency=low

        * Removed all need for the old-style 'naslist' and 'client' files.
        * Added support for Status-Server packets, stolen shamelessly
          from Cistron RADIUSD.  This is despite the RFC's saying such
          things are wrong.
        * Bug fixes to rlm_dbm.
        * Updates for checkrad, max40xx routine, from Aleksandr Kuzminsky.
        * Disable caching of passwords for the Unix module.  It was
          causing too much confusion.

 What am I doing wrong?


  Best regards,
  Alexey Chetroi

Smile... Tomorrow will be worse.   (c) Murphy's law

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