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Re: X <-> tty

On Thu, Oct 31, 2002 at 09:10:04AM -0300, Haroldo Stenger wrote:
> Hi! Does anyone know a problem in woody by which if you're in X and try
> to switch to text tty1 (ctrl alt f1), the X screen freezes, and the text
> tty doesn't appear, but the keyboard input goes to the text tty, and if
> you press ctrl alt f7, things go turn to normal under X?

That's happened to me before (on (pre-stable) woody and sid). What I
found with that machine is that it tends to do that if I switch out of X
with a load average > 5 (which would happen frequently on that system).
What I also noticed, is that later, I could switch back to the console
normally. As this does not happen with my other systems, I assumed that
the issue was my old laptop's hardware (just attaching an external
monitor would cause quite the performance hit to non-graphics related
programs (like apt-get)).


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