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Re: USB external modems

Rhodri wrote:
> Hi everybody
> I was unfortunate enough (or naive) to get a laptop
> with a winmodem inside. I then considered  to buy an
> external modem; I read lot about modems and I decided
> to buy an external serial port modem. So far so good,
> until I realized that my laptop does not come with any
> serial port for modems.
> Therefore, I had to think about a USB modem. However,
> it is said that USB external modems do not work with
> linux. On the contrary, there are few other places
> where it is said that USB external modems DO work with
> linux.
> Anybody (by chance) has (or knows anyone who has) an
> USB external modem working with linux (debian)?

Maybe you could use a pcmcia modem. They're cheap at

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