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Re: HD size limit ?

On Friday 25 October 2002 09:09 am, Shawn Lamson wrote:
> As long as your bios supports it i think you are ok with 120 Gigs, I am
> sure you will get plenty of testimony off the list, though!  I have
> about 95 Gigs on 2 different drives right now.

I'm running an 80 that my bios doesn't support. ie It won't boot if I list it 
in the bios. Matter of fact the bios hangs if I try listing it at all. So I 
booted from a floppy to set things up then added: 
append="hda=1683,16,63 ide0=dma"  
to my lilo.conf and it was detected just fine by linux.

Earl F Hampton

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