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Re: A few Newbie Questions

OK, here's a go at some of these

On Fri, Oct 25, 2002 at 09:21:05AM -0500, Wathen, Metherion wrote:
> Hi and thanks for any help I receive in response to the following:
> 1.) How do you uninstall packages, so that you get more "free" space on your
> harddrive?
>      (exp. I used 'df -h' and seen that I had 200 mb free, I used dpkg to
> uninstall some programs, ran df again and still only had 200 mb free.)

dpkg should be fine for removal although "apt-get remove" (you might
want to do --purge when permanently removing a package), will handle
dependencies for you. How large were these packages though? It is
possible that they were small enough to not make a difference

> 2.) How do I modify swap partiton size without having to reinstall
> everything all over again?

This depends, do you have more free (unpartitioned) space on your disk?
If so, you can run cfdisk, and create an additional swap partition, add
an entry for it in /etc/fstab (copy your current swap line, changing the
partition name) and run swapon (man swapon for details). 

Otherwise, you will need to resize your partitions. Check out parted if
this is the case.

> 3.) How do I change the clock time to the correct time?

man date

> 4.) Is it possible to have the cdrom and floopy drives automatically mount
> without recompiling the kernel?
yes, check out automount

> 5.) How do I check if my sound card/drivers are working? 
>      (exp. I have WindowMaker installed and sound events turned on but I get
> no sound. I installed XMMS and it plays .cda, so how come no other sounds?)

In order for sound to be working, you would have had to configure it.
The sndconfig package provides a nice way to configure many sound cards.
Otherwise, find the appropriate module for you sound card and run 
modprobe modulename

to make this permanent, put modulename in /etc/modules

if you want a nice, noisy way to test you can do
cat /bin/ls > /dev/dsp

> 6.) Where is there a mp3 plugin for XMMS? - do it need one?

afaik, xmms still has mp3 support built in

> 7.) Is there a GUI file manager for X, WindowMaker, Debian?

there are -many- gui file managers. Search the web for this one.

> 8.) Where should I put tarballs I've downloaded before running "gzip -dc"?
> Can I gzip from a cd to my harddrive? If so, how?

the location is up to you and depends on what is in the tarballs. To
extract from one location to another do something like:
[/tmp]$ tar xvzf /cdrom/filename.tar.gz 

> 9.) How do I switch between color depths on the fly? "Ctl + Alt + +" seems
> to only switch resolutions.

You don't :) this is a planned feature for XFree86 (why do you need it
anyway? just curious)

> 10.) Do I need all 7 cd's to upgrade from potato to woody? Or can I just d/l
> the first cd?

it depends, is the software that you have installed contained on the
first CD? :)

Hope that helps


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