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Re: cd writing on Debian

On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 08:12:24AM +0100, Paul Lewis wrote:
> I would like to install cdtoaster / cdroast to burn CDs, but whenever I 
> try to 'apt-get install cdroast' it reports no such package. Trying 
> 'cdrecord' tells me there are unmet dependencies.
> liblircclient0, libunicode0, libzvbi-0.1
> trying to retrieve these by themsleves takes me into a circular 
> dependency loop. What package do I need to recover these libraries and 
> ultimately set up CDRoast on my machine?

Try 'apt-get install xcdroast'; apt is correct when it says there is
no package called 'cdroast' (hint: 'apt-cache search cdroast')

However, my gut feeling is that won't either, because you say cdrecord
has unmet dependencies.  Did you try installing that with apt?  You
don't say ...

If you are still getting dependency problems you should post the
contents of /etc/apt/sources.list so we can see what you're trying to

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