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Re: cups wont print

I am also having this problem (using sid).


Jason Pepas wrote:

I recently setup an epson 740 printer using cupsys from unstable.

I can send jobs just fine, and cups shows them as "completed", and /var/log/cups/error_log doesn't show any problems.

But nothing comes out of the printer...

Cups is under the impression that everything printed just fine, but nothing actually happens.

I have tried both the foomatic driver and the gimp-print driver, same problem.

If I reboot into windows, everything prints fine, so no hardware problems.

History: I had printing working on this machine a long time ago, but recently tried to print only to find "error 22" problems, so I purged cups and installed from unstable, and how I have my current situation.

is this a known issue? someone else on #debian is having the exact same problem, and is also using unstable.

jason pepas

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