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Tomcat woes

Hi all,

I'm evaluating Content Management Systems for a project at the moment and
having a woeful time with Tomcat.

http://pkirk.net.dhis.org:8081/ works.

http://pkirk.net.dhis.org:8081/examples also works.  So Tomcat seems OK.

I copied the correct file intp /usr/share/tomcat/webapps for opencms

http://pkirk.net.dhis.org:8081/opencms works.

http://pkirk.net.dhis.org:8081/opencms/ocsetup/ fails.

I try the same with mmbase and get to the same stage and it fails.  No
error messages to give me a clue.  Just a 500 message.

Does anyone know how I can go about diagnosing the problem, let alone fix
it, as I'm stuffed rght now.


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